Podcasts that helped evolve my “self”

When I was young I had this glorious vision for myself, that when I grow up I would be this

Guaranteed Fun ways to introduce alphabets to your 1-year-old

My daughter is 1.3 years old (15 months old), she loves reading books, observing animals, her morning walks and going

Read about what books will keep your baby or toddler engaged

These days everyone knows the importance of reading to your baby early.  Parents invest a lot of money to buy

This year I have been trying to be more mindful and trying to live more intentionally. How has it been

5 Best Korean Dramas for your soul

An introduction to starting you on a great entertainment journey with Korean Dramas There is a Hallyu wave flowing everywhere,

Green Gram Sundal – Savoury and sweet

Kids these days have easy access to unhealthy and very delicious junk food. You walk into any shop and the

Easy daily toddler activities to do at home

I can never have enough toddler activities planned beforehand. My daughter is not yet very independent when it comes to

Different and positive Ipad uses for a toddler

As of now, I am raging a huge battle with myself every day. I am addicted to Ipad! And I

Effective storytelling and learning through play and planning

I recently purchased the “Fox on a box” book from the Usborne Phonics series. It is a great series for

For the past few weeks, I have been working on creating a happy learning environment for my 18 months old

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