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As of now, I am raging a huge battle with myself every day. I am addicted to Ipad! And I am trying to limit my Ipad viewing so that I set a good example to my daughter, but it has been a struggle day in and say out. I do plan on giving my daughter access to Ipad over time in a structured and limited way. But that time has not yet come.

It is so easy when she is overly clingy, and to hand over the Ipad to her and get my work done in peace. And trust me I have done that sometimes, but the number of times I have done it is still is in single digits and I hope to keep it that way till she is 2 years old.

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Please note this article is in no way to encourage you to give our kids more access to IPad or any other technological devices to our kids. Anything from Television to Mobile phones should not be given to kids unsupervised. We have to set the duration they can view and the consequences if they cross the limit. Because a harmless habit of today can have adverse effects on their brain over time.

As per the American Academy of paediatrics association, recommendation “Parents of children 18 to 24 months of age who want to introduce digital media should choose high-quality programming, and watch it with their children to help them understand what they’re seeing. For children ages, 2 to 5 years, limit screen use to 1 hour per day of high-quality programs”

To read more about their recommendations on viewing digital media, please read here.

We all know the pros and cons of introducing digital content or devices to our kids. I have listed a few below.


Great for keeping them engaged while parents are busy with work

If parents are involved along with good apps, IPad can help improve their vocabulary

They learn to use technology without much fear

Moderate and structured use of Ipad can be a great learning aid for kids of ages 2 and above.


Lesser physical activity

Lesser interactions with peer and environment

Keep in mind that it’s a life-long habit

Speech delay in younger adults

After everything said and done, we can not completely avoid this wave. If we don’t give our children the skills to surf these waves, then we are in a way alienating them from this society. We need to teach them to be responsible, technology literates.

The motive for this article is to provide you with positive Ipad uses for your children to benefit learning or using from. I hope you find something to use from this article.


  • I don’t allow my daughter regular access to IPad currently.
  • I don’t recommend kids younger than 2 years should be allowed to sit unsupervised with phone or IPad or any such devices
  • Few of the below suggestions are my “In future to visit” apps. My daughter is still too young for a lot of these features and apps.

Things we do with IPad

Pre-existing IPad apps


If you are an iPhone user or an IPad user you will know what a Photo-Booth app is. It is a fun app which has many options to take fun photos of your self or your subject. There are 8 different fun effects to choose from.

My daughter and I enjoy looking at our funny faces. Initially, she was scared of looking at the pictures. But once she kind of understood what was happening, she was all for tapping at the take picture button.


Another obvious one! She loves clicking pictures of the floor on which the IPad would be lying because she goes wild clicking away without clearly understanding how taking photos work yet. But she also loves sitting with me and looking at her pictures.

Educational games


It’s an app which has a list of many word-groups for 1+ year-olds to learn their alphabets, colours, shapes e.t.c.

If you are short on time to create your own flashcards for your kids then this is a decent app to introduce kids to new words

Toddler Learning Games

I absolutely love this app. The paid version has games, tracing and innovative ways to learn numbers, alphabets, colours and shapes. I have not yet purchased the app. It is an app which I will recommend this app if you want to teach the above-mentioned basics through Technology.

Tiny Tap

This app claims to have tons of games created by teachers. It is suitable for kids 2 years and above. I have yet to try it out. It’s a paid app but I think from what I can see, it has cool games and looks easy to navigate for young kids. I will update this space once I try it out with my daughter in the future.

Youtube Videos

A is for Apple – A is for Ant by Cocomelon

This video series introduces alphabets to toddlers. The song, the animation and sentences are very simple. The video is divided into 4 parts and covers all the alphabets. I like this video and when I showed it to her, there was absolute silence and you could see the adoration in her eyes. It was the first time she watched a video of this kind and to say she loves this video doesn’t begin to cover her emotions.

Storybook apps

There are so many great original interactive titles available in the Apple App store, that are worth purchasing for kids 2 and above. If you want to know more about some good titles to purchase, I recommend this great article.

Apart from paid book apps, here are a few free ones.

Little Stories


There are a few free stories, which you can read in the repeat to your child. The paid stories are also not very costly.



This was my favourite go-to app during my teaching days. I had been provided with an IPad for my class to teach them with. I used this app to read stories and also to make them read and check my student’s reading levels.

Each day you can read 1 book for free. Or else to have access to the entire set of books available (they have a huge collection), you can subscribe monthly or get a lifelong subscription.

Content creation apps

As a parent, if you want the best-curated content for your child, then we as parents can do it by spending some time on the following apps.

Book Creator

As of now, I am using this app to create Alphabet flashcards along with my voice saying the word on a particular page. It has options to which makes the app read the book to you. You can even import books and make the app read it to your child. It is an amazing app to create a great book like material for your child. Though this is a paid app, I feel it will be very useful as my daughter grows up. The most amazing thing is that, that this app really helped me with teaching alphabets to my daughter. She can now identify up to 8 alphabets.

I hope you found some of the above suggestions useful. Happy Parenting to you all!

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