Effective storytelling and learning through play and planning


I recently purchased the “Fox on a box” book from the Usborne Phonics series. It is a great series for kids who have just started reading and also for kids to whom you want to introduce rhyming words and prepositions.

When my daughter saw this book, she immediately wanted to read it and since I was busy she went to my husband. And after observing them for some time I realized that I need to write about what is effective storytelling and how we can achieve it through simple planning.

My aim in introducing this topic to my readers is to show you the art of effective storytelling. I will be creating a framework for you so that you can use it for other books too.

It is probably the teacher in me who is getting excited over the planning, but the planning sets my week’s tone and her learning objectives clear for me. If I plan for a week ahead, I will have all the teaching aids and props for different activities.

Lesson Plan for an entire week

Brief Description of the objectives

My daughter will be learning through play, the below-mentioned objectives. Also, the activities mentioned under each objective is just a reference point for my week. But these activities are in my definitive “to do” list.

Depending on how she reacts to each activity, I will keep modifying the activities.


  • My daughter will be able to Identify capital letter “F” and “O”
  • My daughter will be able to Identify the shape “Square”
  • My daughter will be able to Identify the colour “Red”
  • My daughter will be able to Identify and Understand the words – “Fox”, “Box”, “Push”, “Fishing”, “Snout”, “In”, “On”


I have used the words Identify in the majority of the objectives because, in the pyramid of learning(Bloom’s Taxonomy), it is the first step for children – to remember what has been taught to them. My daughter is too young for the levels above “remembering” and “understanding” from the chart below. So as per the age and level, their activities (to master a particular objective) and assessment/activity should change.

Objective 1: My daughter will be able to Identify capital letter “F” and “O”

Activity 1: Pointing to the alphabet

I will be pointing out the alphabets each time we read “Fox on a Box” or any other book.

I will further practice writing the alphabet with her on a blackboard with chalk or on paper with a pen.

I will also be creating activities mentioned in my article while introducing the alphabets to her through different learning styles.

Activity 2: Circle the alphabet with the pencil

I am currently teaching her alphabets and books are a great way of introducing and checking their recall ability.

So I will be asking her to point the letter in the book and also provide her with the printable (or a paper with written content) for her to identify the alphabets. I will be circling the alphabets to make her understand the concept of identifying a particular alphabet.


Objective 2: My daughter will be able to Identify the shape “Square” Objective 3: My daughter will be able to Identify the colour “Red”

Activity 1: Vegetable painting

Items required
  • Finger paint, watercolour or any safe paint for kids
  • Any hard vegetable like potato cut into a square shape
  • Paper

As the name suggests, I will be using different fruits and vegetables and cut them into square shapes. She can pick the vegetable/fruit stamps of her choice and dip it in colours and stamp away.

Activity 2: Teaching shapes through playdough


Activity 3: Shape and colour sorting

These are a few of the pre-existing games we can buy from the market to teach colours and shapes to our kids. I highly recommend the ‘skillofun Wooden shape sorter‘.

Activity 4: RAINBOW PAINT CHIP COLOR MATCH from modernpreschool.com


This is another activity which I want to try from modernpreschool.com site. It looks age-appropriate, fun, simple and best of all, I have all the items required at home. So I will be trying this at home.

Objective 4: My daughter will be able to Identify and Understand the words – “Fox”, “Box”, “Push”, “Fishing”, “Snout”, “In”, “On”

Pointing, acting out and repeating the above words are great tools to make sure that my daughter will learn, remember and understand the words.

We can crank up the fun in learning these words through play. The below props made great tools for effective storytelling

Activity 1: Origami fox and box


I created an origami Fox and a Box. Please check out the link here for the fox and here for the box.

She had a great time learning the flow of the story through 3D figures. She learnt the “planned words” in no time. She learned to push the box, to place the fox on the box and inside the box with the help of these props.

Activity 2: Fishing along with the fox


This was such a fun activity for D, she just couldn’t stop playing this game. I learnt to make the fish origami from here.

Items required:
  • Fish origami – 2 or 3
  • Cardboard roll or any other cardboard stick
  • pipe cleaner -1
  • magnetic sheet or magnets (links to amazon)
  • Any paper
  • paper clips
  • Fold the paper 4 times. Draw a fish figure and using a scissor cut along the drawn fish. And you will have many small fishes. Insert each fish into a paper clip.
  • Attach the origami fish to a paper clip too
  • Pierce a hole into the cardboard stick on one end and attach a pipe cleaner to the hole. At the other end of the pipe cleaner attach a magnet.
  • Happy fishing
DIY magnetic Fishing game

Hope you found this sample lesson planning for effective storytelling to toddlers useful. I had a great time creating this week’s post for you all. If you found this post useful please share it with others and have fun learning with your child.

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