Jungle sensory play for 1-3-year-old


This sensory play was put together in a spur of the moment. I have tried different sensory bins with my daughter but they were mostly comprised of a single sensory element.

There is no child who doesn’t like to play with animals.

We teach our kids about the animals around us and what sounds they make. We often point to the animals to make them more aware of their surroundings and fellow creations.

And we can incorporate this into play and explorations for little hands through sensory plays.

Here I have used a faux grass sheet that you can easily get from the market, a packet of kinetic sand, few leaves from our garden and blue colour water beads for the water effect.

Then I sprinkled some jungle animal toys for my daughter to play with. She is 1.5 years old and is not very imaginative yet. But different textures provide her with great exploration opportunities.

She was involved with this sensory tray for hours together! If you are looking for a play tray you can check it here.

Let me know in comments if you enjoyed this with your little one.

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