Teaching Alphabets the fun way – Activities

For the past few weeks, I have been working on creating a happy learning environment for my 18 months old daughter.

She now loves anything related to alphabets because she feels comfortable and confident in dealing with the letters.

Many parents start teaching alphabets to their kids early but we mostly stick to how we have been taught in the past.

We use charts, alphabet books, flashcards, videos and limited alphabet learning toys available in the market.

All these methods are important but there are other plays we as parents can create to make them feel comfortable with the letters.

Hands-on experience is proved to be more effective than the rote method. It keeps the fire of learning always alive in them.

So without further ado let’s dive into a few activities I did with my daughter in the last week

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1. Create an alphabet chart

It’s always great to have an alphabet chart in your home to which you can always point to or your kid can read from.

What better way than to be able to create one with your child!

Materials required


  1. Cut the self-adhesive sheets into equal-sized parts with the scissors
  2. Start writing the alphabets, one per piece with different colour pens for colour vibrancy
  3. Peel off the cover and paste it on the chart in any order you would like
  4. Once your chart is ready you could make it pretty through stickers or doodles

2. Alphabet fishing

This activity is good for improving hand-eye coordination.

Also activities like scooping and pouring help with developing fine motor skills which in turn will be useful in real-world activities like using spoons to self-feed.

Materials required


  • Write down the alphabets on a sheet of paper using colour pens
  • Insert it into the sheet protector
  • Fill the tray with some water and put the alphabets in
  • Using a ladle the child has to fish out the alphabets one by one and match it to the fished out alphabet on the plastic sheet protector

3. Match the Letters

The most simple and effective game when you want to practise alphabets with your child

Materials required


  • Draw intersecting lines on the selected board to create small grids
  • Write alphabets into each grid
  • Have the alphabets in a small container nearby
  • Show them how to place the alphabet as you call out the alphabets written down in a grid
  • Call out each alphabet and the child will have to place the alphabet manipulative on the correct grid

4. Pompom alphabet sorting


This activity is better suited for ages 2 and above.

Materials required

  • Pompoms or small stones
  • 3-4 small containers
  • A4 size paper to be cut into equal parts
  • Markers to write the alphabets with
  • cellophane tape to tape the alphabet cards down


  • Write down the alphabets that you want to focus on
  • And secure it down with tape so that the child cant move the card around
  • Place containers before the alphabets
  • Place pompoms or any other small items like erasers, small toys or veggies like small onions or cut carrots e.t.c in a container
  • As you call out the particular alphabet the child will place the manipulative in the box

5. Walking tour

Materials required

  • Cellophane tape
  • Paper cut into pieces
  • Markers


  • Write alphabets on pieces of paper and tape them down on the ground
  • An adult should stand on the piece of paper and the child will try to move your feet, identify the letter and tear the paper from the ground
  • You repeat this till all the pieces are rescued

6. Alphabet salt sensory bin

An activity which is great for practising fine motor skills and alphabets

Materials required

  • Aluminium foil cut into strips
  • Small spoons
  • Crystal salt – 1/2 kg
  • A tray
  • Alphabet manipulatives
  • Some ladles and paper cups for scooping out and transferring salt


  • Wrap the alphabets in the aluminium foil strips
  • Place a few of the wrapped-up alphabets in the tray
  • Pour the salt into the tray in such a way that it mostly ends up covering the alphabets placed in the tray
  • Throw in few ladles and cups and let the fun of un-wrapping begin

7. Rescuing alphabets


Another great fun activity which will be on a repeat demand

Materials required


  • Find a safe surface to tape down the alphabets
  • Either you can lead the play by calling out the letters to be rescued or your little one can go around rescuing every alphabet he/she wants to.
  • If you want, keep a bin close by for the child to collect all the rescued alphabets

Also, check out this article where I have broken down introducing alphabets into baby steps to your little one.

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